Which is the Best Pick for Your Kitchen: Sharpening Stone or Sharpening Steel?

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Do you love spending time in the kitchen? If yes, then you know that sharp knives are like superpowers for cooking. But, what's the secret to keeping knives super sharp? Well, there are two popular tools: sharpening stones and sharpening steels. But which one should you choose? Let's break it down in simple words.

Sharpening Stones: The Knife's Spa Day

Think of a sharpening stone like a spa day for your knife. It really gets in there and gives the blade a makeover.

Good Stuff:

  • Works for All: Whether it's a heavy meat-cleaver or a tiny paring knife, a sharpening stone doesn’t play favorites; it treats them all.

  • You’re the Boss: You can control how you move the knife, which means you get to decide how sharp it gets.

  • Stays Sharp for Ages: Once you sharpen your knife on a stone, it'll take a while before it needs another spa day.

Not So Good Stuff:

  • Need Some Skills: Using a sharpening stone can be like learning to ride a bike. It takes a few tries to get it right.

  • A Bit Slow: Getting your knives sharp with a stone can take some time.

  • Needs Some Love: Just like knives, sharpening stones need some care too. They can get worn out and need to be kept flat.

Sharpening Steel: The Quick Tune-Up

Imagine sharpening steel as a quick tune-up station for your knife. It’s like getting a quick hair trim instead of a full haircut.

Good Stuff:

  • Super Quick: Just a few swipes against the steel, and your knife is good to go.

  • Easy-Peasy: No need to break a sweat or learn fancy moves. Just swipe and cook!

  • Takes Little Space: It’s long and thin, so it can just hang out in any corner of your kitchen.

Not So Good Stuff:

  • Not for Super Dull Knives: If your knife is as dull as a butter knife, the sharpening steel isn’t going to do much.

  • Need to Use It Often: Since it’s more of a quick fix, you’ll need to give your knives a tune-up pretty regularly.

So, Which One is Your Kitchen Buddy?

Choosing between a sharpening stone and sharpening steel is like choosing between a spa day and a quick hair trim. If you enjoy taking time to make your knives super sharp, and don’t mind learning a new skill, the sharpening stone is your buddy. But, if you’re always in a hurry and just need your knives to work without any fuss, the sharpening steel is the friend you need.

For those who can’t decide – guess what? You can have both! Use the sharpening stone for a full sharpening session once in a while, and keep the sharpening steel handy for quick tune-ups.

So, pick your perfect match and let the cooking adventures begin! 🍳🔪


  • It was a good experience using the stone sharpener. There is a significant difference between the stone and steel sharpeners. I’m very happy that I bought this item. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate the follow up.

    Rabih honeini
  • I like your message, do you have a video or YouTube video on the proper method of using your sharpening stone? I purchased two at Christmas time. One for me and one for my son.
    Thank you

    John Calvin

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