About Us

I believe that the kitchen is the heartbeat of every family. For that reason, I’ve always loved to cook. From smoking a brisket on the BBQ to preparing Mediterranean feasts, I’ve often found myself catering for gatherings, parties and general get-togethers! However, I’ve also found myself getting frustrated with my kitchen utensils. My knives dulled so quickly and most of the blades couldn’t hold their edge. After trying tons of sharpeners (and knives!) I realized there was a real gap in the market for high-quality kitchen tools at affordable prices – I was no professional caterer, but I wanted blades that would last.

This led to the birth of Sharp Pebble. I decided to create a premium range of kitchen utensils at the best prices, including beautifully crafted whetstones that are guaranteed to keep your tools sharp. Since then, customers have been blown away by my products and Sharp Pebble is growing fast – soon, we’ll be offering a brand new range of knives and other accessories to make sure your kitchen stays at the heart of your home.

And while family means everything to me, I also want to give back to communities that need it the most. Sharp Pebble is now actively donating proceeds to two very worthy causes: Water for Life, which provides clean, fresh and safe water throughout Asia and Africa, and the Orphan Support Program, which helps vulnerable children who have lost their parents.

If you want to know more about the work we do or be the first to receive exclusive news of our brand new product lines, then get in touch! Subscribe today to keep up with our latest news and offers via email or through my blog. I can’t wait to share more of my kitchen-related escapades and adventures with you!

Much Gratitude,