Using Sharp Pebble Sharpening Guide

For an individual who doesn’t understand how to use the pebble stone properly to sharpen a knife, it can be challenging and even make the knife dull. The sides being sharpened should be equal such that the combination should be either 15-15 or 17-17 to be sharpened greatly, but a 17-15 combination can make the blade dull. It is advisable to keep a consistent angle for a knife sharpener to have a good edge of the knife. Dull knives may be a hindrance to doing the job effectively. Just follow this pebble sharpening guide to be on the safe side.

Clip the guide onto the knife

When a chef is looking to sharpen a kitchen knife, this Japanese Sharp Pebble Sharpening Guide comes in handy. This guide is straight forward and simple to utilize. A chef only needs just to clip the guide at the back of the knife. Ensure that the ceramic part of the guide is firmly clamped onto the knife so that it doesn’t engage in all ways.

Put the guide attached to the knife onto the sharp pebble knife sharpening stone

The ceramic bar that does not wear out easily should first be in contact with the stone. To ensure that every edge part of the knife comes into contact with the sharpening stone, place the knife at the stones length then slide it in a sweeping motion. When nearing the tip, the handle should be raised for the edge to remain in contact with the sharpening stone.

Continue moving on one grit till a burr is felt on the edges opposite side. When a burr is felt, turn the blade on the opposite side and carry out the same procedure on that edge. The process should be continuously repeated until a fine burr is established.

Whenever you are stropping, always move the blade away from its edge. The blade may require several strokes to achieve the desirable burr. Fortunately, the guide is available to show the recommendable strop size.

The Guide details

Once the sharpening guide is attached to the side of the knife, it becomes non-adjustable. The width of the knife will determine the angle at which the edge should be sharpened. It implies that a wider knife will require a lower sharpening angle. Notably, this guide is recommendable to be used on ¾ or more blade height, especially for traditional kitchen cutlery. Thus, the angle can be huge for fillet or pocket knives. As an example, with the pebble sharpening guide, an 11/4 knife width will enable the knife to sharpen at a 17 degrees angle.

Check out the angle to be sharpened according to the blade width

Angle Calculator Table

Knife Width



30 Degrees


25 Degrees

1 1/8"

20 Degrees

1 1/4"

17 Degrees

1 7/16"

15 Degrees




Based on Sharp Pebble Sharpening Guide testing and research that we have continuously done, the angle calculator table was generated. The knife width determines the applicable sharpening angle since the guide has a fixed back. Our advisable and recommendable knife width for this guide is from 3/4" to 1 7/16". Remember to start from the spine to the knife’s edge to measure the knife’s width adequately.


  • Is it a good idea to rube veg oil or any high quality oil on the stones prior to sharpen knives?

  • I just love my new whetstone by Sharp Pebble. No more 3-in-1 oil. My last stone just could not give me a sharp edge and I thought it was me. I spent the 40 bucks and will go on my way: happily sharpening my knives and making my girlfriend very happy!

    Michael J. Gayda

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