The Top 5 Cooking Tips You Don't Want To Miss!

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It’s tradition to ring in the New Year with family and friends and where there’s gathering there’s going to be food! We’ve compiled a list of the top five cooking tips to make your holiday get together easy. This is a gift that will keep on giving.

Leave behind the frustrations of preparing appetizers and meals and spend your time doing more of what you love - being with the people you love.


Top 5 Cooking Tips For The Holidays

1. How To Keep Your Guacamole Green

Guacamole is a fantastic appetizer that goes with just about anything. It can be a dip for vegetables, slices of bread, crackers, and chips. Even better, any leftovers from the party make great toppings on a salad, taco, sandwich, or burger… that is if you don’t mind brown goop with a green middle. Guacamole is versatile, but it usually doesn’t keep well.

To keep your guacamole as green as the avocado that made it, cover it with a thin layer of water. The water won’t mix into the delicious dip because of their varying thickness. This will keep it fresh and fresh looking without the hassle of extra lime or plastic wrap.

2. How To Make Perfect Bacon Without the Mess

The term “perfect bacon” is different for everyone. Some people like it crunchy, others soft, and others almost burnt to a crisp. Regardless of what your definition of perfect bacon is, there are two things everyone can agree on: Bacon makes everything better and the grease splatters are messy!

Avoid sizzling bacon splatters by adding just enough water to coat the bottom of the pan while you’re cooking it. The water keeps the fat in the bacon which not only leads to less grease jumping out at you, it also makes the bacon taste better. Or if you’re making a large batch for your holiday entree, baking it in the oven is another easy, mess-free alternative.

3. How to Get Evenly Spread Add-Ins Without the Sinking

There’s nothing like added chocolate chips to pancakes or fresh fruit to muffins for creating a giant clump at the bottom. Good intentions seem to go awry when using add-ins for baking or cooking. They sink instead of spreading evenly.

Avoid sinking by coating the add-in ingredients with the dry mix of what you’re making before putting them in. Then when you fold them into the batter, they will stay aloft and evenly fill your yummy treat.

4. How to Store Salad Without Withering

Salads are a must-have for any holiday get together. They make great light dishes and accompaniments to large meals. But sometimes the fresh greens are overlooked for the salty, savory and sweet options leaving you with leftovers. Salads tend to wither and wilt quickly and those leftovers often get overlooked too!

Put your greens in a hard plastic container lined with paper towels to keep them fresh for up to a week. The paper towel wicks away slime-inducing moisture, and the container keeps them from being tossed around and damaged. Then you can enjoy the healthy dish at will.

5. How to Slice A Tomato

Tomatoes go well with salad, on sandwiches, or served with oil and cheese. They are a bright, festive staple for many holiday dishes. They are also a pain to cut up. Their tough skin and delicate flesh require a miracle to stay intact.

Rather than a miracle, we have a method for slicing a tomato that works every time. Use a sharp, serrated knife and cut against the core. Place the tomato on its side and cut off the top. Then slice it in even slabs. If you want diced tomatoes, follow this technique up with cubing the slices. Don’t start with cubes or you’re likely to have a big mess!


Enjoy your tips and have a happy holiday!

Slice you next year,

The Sharp Pebble team

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