Stay Sane This Season With The Right Kitchen Tools

knife with cut onions

 As this is the season for gathering with friends and family, which means it’s also the season for eating! Whether you’re offering up your home as the meeting place, or visiting another’s, food will certainly be on the list of things to do. Pies, veggie trays, delectable meats, scrumptious side dishes, they all have one thing in common: preparation.


When you think of cooking or food prep what comes to mind?

  • The frustration of chopping, mincing and dicing,


  • The joy and satisfaction of a dish well done.


Unfortunately, the joy of the task is often overshadowed by the burden of the work itself. Feeding your family delicious food is never annoying, but toiling over the creation of can be. Although recipes themselves can be complicated and hard to maneuver, the preparation of the ingredients doesn’t have to be. Without realizing it, sub-par equipment may be the root of the problem.


You need the right kitchen tools to keep you sane.


The fruit needs chopping for the pies, the meat needs to be thinly sliced to create more servings, the vegetable tray won’t make itself, the potatoes cook more quickly when diced, and the list goes on.

If a small knife is used, chopping can be a problem. Yet, if the right knife for each job is taken out, cleaned and put away, the additional clean-up will be a frustration as well. Fortunately, sturdy, sharp, large knives are like a jack of all trades and can complete many versatile tasks.


We offer two 8” knives sure to keep you focused on the food itself, by offering smooth, clean cuts for preparation.

8'' inch chef japanese knife vg10 damascus blade


8'' inch chef knife high carbon stainless german blade


Likewise, a dull knife will take much longer to get the job done. Not to mention it leaves jagged marks, unpredictable cuts and forces you to put a lot more time into the process than necessary. With all the different preparations for the holiday, knives are getting constant wear and tear.

That’s why a sharpener is another great kitchen tool to keep you singing holiday tunes instead of blurting out frustrations. Regardless of what knife you’re planning to use, a traditional whetstone will keep it sharp and performing optimally. The steady motion of sharpening the blade might even relax you too!

If you’re in a hurry, or new to knife care there are products that help the sharpening process along. A sharpening angle guide slides over the top of the knife and ensures that the correct angle is honed on the blade.

Sometimes the greatest gift is the one you give yourself. Although knives are shiny and beautiful, the true present is the amount of time and frustration a good knife can save. Treat yourself so that you can treat your family by getting one before the holiday.

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