Easy Cleaning Hacks To Double Your Knife’s Life

Sharp Pebble Hacks To Double Your Knife’s Life

Nobody wants to ride a dirty car or dry with a wet towel t, then why should we slack on cleaning our knives regularly and properly? Not only will a properly cleaned knife last a lot longer, but it will keep you healthy by preventing germ accumulation on blades which can transfer to our food putting our health at risk.

It is highly recommended that we thoroughly wash our knives after use.  Depending on the knife you use, the cleaning protocol will vary. A stainless steel knife should not be cleaned the same way as a carbon steel knife. Improperly cleaning your knife blade can result in damage such as premature oxidation. Within this post, we will discuss several knife cleaning techniques for different types of steel knives.

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Knives

Even though ceramic and stainless steel knives are probably two of the most durable knife types but if you neglect them, it’s not hard to cut short their life.

Cleaning ceramic knives is quite easy. It literally takes 30 seconds! The fact that ceramic is chemically neutral means that it’s quite efficient at withstanding corrosion. All you need to do is to pass it under running water and leave it to air dry. Make sure to do it after every use and avoid dishwasher.

Stainless steel kitchen knives. Keeping your stainless steel kitchen knives clean is also quite easy. Stainless steel is very rich in chrome, which is quite resistant to oxidization. You can use hot water and dish soap or any other mild soap to wipe your stainless blade clean. A word of caution though; after you’re done with the washing, make sure you dry the steel knives with a dry cotton cloth. Do not leave them to dry in the open air.

Carbon-based steel Knives. Knives made out of carbon steel lack elements that prevent corrosion. This does not mean that they are not as sturdy or very high maintenance.  The best way to clean carbon steel knives without damaging them is to wipe them with a clean cloth after each use, without passing them under running water. Here are some key points to remember for carbon-steel knives. Don’t soak them in water, avoid the use of soap of any kind and never air dry

Some Handy Cleaning Hacks

White vinegar is very effective for cleaning kitchen knife blades! All that’s required is that you rub the knife with a cotton cloth soaked in white vinegar and dry it with a clean cloth!

Potato. The starch in the potato increases steel’s resistance to rust and is a very effective, chemical-free way to clean your knives. Simply take raw a potato half and rub it on your knife. Then rinse the knife and dry it.

So there you have it; another nugget that’ll keep your knives in great shape for years to come! We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a PM on our Facebook or Instagram. For more useful tidbits on sharpening be sure to visit our blog.

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