Choosing the Best EDC Knife: Serrated or Plain Edge

Choosing the Best EDC Knife: Serrated or Plain Edge  By Sharp Pebble

In the recent past, EDC and tactical gear have gained quite a bit of popularity among the masses. It is becoming more and more mainstream and interest in EDC is no longer confined within the bounds of a limited community.

There are several factors that come into consideration while buying an EDC blade. The most important perhaps is the question whether to buy a blade with a serrated or a plain edge. That’s especially important for people who have just started to explore the EDC options.  Within the article today, we will explore this question in detail, which will hopefully make it easier for you to take your decision.

A matter of personal taste: You shouldn’t be surprised that pop culture has indeed shaped the way knives and tactical gear are looked upon, especially by the younger demographic. Serrated edge knives are thought to be more aggressive and rather menacing as compared with the plain edge. However, when judged solely on the basis of sharpness, a quality plain edge knife will always give the serrated knife a run for its money.


How you intend to use your blade will undoubtedly be the most important factor.

Serrated edge knives: If you’re looking for a blade mainly for slashing, slicing or tearing then choosing a serrated edge knife makes more sense. One of the advantages that serrated edge knives offer is that they allow quite a bit of traction over the cutting surface. So if you intend to handle tougher materials then a serrated edge blade is ideal.

The peaks on the serrated edge blade exert a tremendous amount of pressure on the cutting surface. This drastically reduces the effort needed to slash through tough materials. Even a partially sharp serrated knife will cut through with relative ease. This makes the serrated blade quite a fan favorite within the EDC world.

Plain edge: Plain edge knives, on the other hand, give you more control and accuracy. If your primary use consists of constantly pushing the knife edge against the surface (such as wood carving or shaping) then a plain edge knife will serve you better.

If you regularly go on hunting or fishing trips then a plain edge knife will come in quite handy because it allows you to prepare the animal efficiently, especially when you have to get around tight corners around joints and bones.

How the plain edge blade is sharpened is another factor that determines how it will be used. If it’s been sharpened to have a polished edge then it will be best suited for working with food. If you sharpen is roughly, then a plain edge knife can to a certain extent, also double as a serrated edge knife.   

Here’s to sharp knives and great food!

Team Sharp Pebble                   

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