Benefit of using whetstones over the electric sharpener

Most professional kitchens use electric sharpeners due to its easiness compared to manual sharpening approach which most people are unfamiliar with its operations. However, electric powered sharpeners are costly compared to whetstones. Electric sharpeners can easily damage the knife if you don’t handle it carefully. Scratches could form in the knife blade when you press it hard in the sharpening slots. Some electric sharpeners are big and bulky and will occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.

On the other, whetstones have a recommended sharpening stone in each sharpening phase of the process with finer stones giving sharper results. Whetstones preserve the knife’s life for long in comparison to electric sharpeners since the process is much slower. It is easy to use water stones to maintain sharp knives and regrind blunt ones.

Examining how whetstone sharpener’s benefits far outweigh electric sharpeners, it’s advisable to use water stones for sharpening your knives. We currently stock various Premium Based Sharpening whetstone knife sharpener of different grit grade combination that you can use to sharpen different knives.

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