"Axe" vs "Ax" Which is Correct?

Well, we thought to get a bit nerdy today!

If you have ever owned an axe, then we’re willing to bet quite a bit that you have had this debate – should it be axe or ax?

Truth be told; they are both perfectly fine to use.

Both these words carry similar meaning and there is no difference in the way they are pronounced. Considering that there is virtually no difference between the two terms, it becomes a bit of a head-scratcher as to what is the need then to have two variations of the exact word?

A brief historical review will tell us that the word “axe” has been the preferred term in British English to explain it as a tool or a weapon. Fast forward to the present day and you’ll see that Google Trends also favors the term axe, which gives us an indication that axe is also the acceptable term in the American dialect.

However, American English tends to shorten words such as color instead of colour. The same is the case with the word axe. You will find more American folks using ax instead of axe. However, they both are correct. So the next someone tells you that you’re wrong, we want you to know that you’re absolutely fine! 

Team Sharp Pebble                     

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