Sharp Pebble Extra Large Sharpening Stone Set - Whetstone Knife Sharpener with Grits 400/1000/6000

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  • Complete Knife Sharpening Set: We designed the set of sharpening stones so the three grits would make a well matched set. The 400 grit is an aggressive stone for dull edges. The 1000 grit is used after the 400 or as a starting point for only moderately dull edges. and the 6000 grit is a very fine stone and provides a very polished edge that will cut extremely well contains Aluminum oxide infused/bonded with CBN superabrasive
  • Generous Size: Made of top-grade silicon carbide & corundum (aluminum oxide). Larger, thicker, oversized stones measure 8-inch x 2 3/4 inch and at a full 1-inch thickness, along with a flattening stone they have plenty of service life in them & are easy to use
  • Peak Performance: Our Professional Whetstone Knife Sharpener Set are Larger, Thicker, Well balanced & allows precision knife sharpening without excessive resurfacing. These whetstones set can sharpen Any Blade out there, be it any kitchen knife set, chef knife, steak knife, sontoku knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, kitchen knives, Japanese knife, butcher knife, paring knife, Barbecue knife, hunting knife, pocket knife & straight razor
  • Future Investment: These set of sharpening stone for sharpening your kitchen knives will cost about as much as a good knife. It’s a great investment since a whole set of expensive but dull knives is useless. A couple of rounds at a sharpening service will cost more than a set of stones, and these stones should last you a lifetime
  • Product Weight: 7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 2-3/4 x 0.9 inches
  • Colors: Green/Blue/White
  • Material Type: Silicon Carbide & Aluminium Oxide(Imported from Japan)
  • Designed in California & Manufactured in China
  • Make sure your sharpening stone is completely flat when sharpening
  • Use magnification to observe the edge
  • Sharpening is more about knowledge than it is about skills
  • Do it slowly, with nice and steady hands
  • Keep your sharpening angle consistent along the whole length of the blade
  • Take your time and be proficient and careful

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