To sharpen or not to sharpen cheap knives?

To sharpen or not to sharpen cheap knives?

Among the many questions, we get about sharpening cheap knives is "if the practice is worth the effort". Most individuals have this misconception that sharpening a cheap knife is not worth it. In most cases, only one small detail sets cheaper knives apart from the better ones. 

Most of the time, cheap knives are not as good as more expensive versions. While there may be exceptions depending on your personal preference, a lot of cheaper brands use lower quality steel to make their products and they're not usually as durable or long lasting compared to more expensive ones. If you have the patience to pay for a professional knife sharpening stone and learn how to sharpen them yourself then you can turn that average blade into a razor sharp knife!

How to Determine the Steel on your Cheaper Knife is Good Quality?

Most knives that are less expensive are made of good quality steel, but they're not the highest grade. Low-grade steel can appear shiny and looks like it's been plated with chrome, so if your knife looks too bright or has thick blades then it's most likely made of low-grade steel.

Still, there is yet another conspicuous sign that will help you identify low-grade steel. If your knife has micro-serrations (small spikes along the blade's edges) then your knife is most likely low quality. Manufacturers place these serrations on knives to make them appear sharper than they really are. These kinds of knives cannot be re-sharpened and are normally of poor quality.

What Should You Stay Away From? 

You will find a lot of brands out there bragging about their quality. However, before you invest in any knife it's always smart to do your research online and see what other people are saying about the product. If your gut feeling is telling you that the quality isn't where it needs to be then go with another option. As a general rule, it's wise to pick a knife based on your own individual preferences because what may work for someone else just might not necessarily work for you!

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