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Sharp Pebble Clever ways to store your knives

For most of us, kitchen space is a prized commodity hard to find! Knives being one of the most important and expensive kitchen tools deserve their proper spot. Not only will a proper storage place ensure a longer knife life but you won’t have to scour the kitchen corners every time you need them. Today, we will share a few clever ways to store your knives.


Drawer Storage

If you have sugar-loaded, hyperactive kids buzzing around the house, then of course knives need to be kept out of sight and more importantly, out of reach. To achieve that, most people casually chuck their expensive knives in a drawer without realizing that this can cause serious damage to knife blades when they jangle with other cutlery items and with each other. If drawer storage is the only option you should invest in a proper drawer storage unit for knives. It’ll keep them organized and prevent the jangling thus keeping the blade sharp.


Magnetic Wall Strips

Magnetic wall strips are probably one of the safest and smartest ways to store your blades. There’s minimum contact with the knife’s edges. This means a lot less sharpening sessions. Not only it allows you easy access but it requires minimal space and is a great way to show off your shimmering blades. Plus it’s easy to install and can be mounted on the wall above the counter, on a backsplash or on the side of the fridge.


Storage Blocks

A great way to store your knives is to have a knife block handy. Not only it keeps your knives out of harm’s way but it can sit on your kitchen counter handily to keep your knives close to your workstation. 

There are usually two types of storage blocks available. Storage blocks with pre-sized slots and universal slot-less blocks.


Storage blocks with pre-sized slots.  An issue with such blocks is that they can be rough on cutting edges. Constantly sliding your knives in and out of the slots usually means contact with the wood, which can be damaging for the blades and this means frequent sharpening. If you do indeed choose a block with pre-sized slots, storing your blades on their spines will keep the blade sharpness from getting compromised.


Universal slot-less blocks. If you’re keen on building a knife collection, then blocks with pre-sized slots can be limiting as blades of a different brand will most likely won’t fit. A much more practical option is to use a universal slot-less block. These blocks are filled with rubber or plastic rods that are attached to a base plate and will accommodate any size blade if the knife fits the block’s dimensions.

So there you have it; another nugget that’ll keep your knives in great shape for years to come! We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a PM on our Facebook or Instagram. For more useful tidbits on sharpening be sure to visit our blog.

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