Benefits of Using Sharp Knives

Using a sharp knife is crucial so as to undertake the cutting food process with less effort and slippage. If the knife has dull edges, you suffer the risk of slippage, and therefore the cooking rate is reduced. Most Japanese sushi chefs take sharpening knives very seriously, and to some extent they do it daily.

It is beneficial to sharpen Knives, both traditional and western styles Japanese knives using water stones compared to electric sharpeners. If you are a professional chef in need of a wet stone sharpener, you can get whetstones from us depending on your desired grit combination.


  • When sharpening knives, especially the Japanese type, you should not sharpen against the stone to avoid weakening and breakage.
  • Always keep the stone wet through sprinkling water during sharpening.
  • Finer grit will be utilized to smoothen the metal blade surface from scratches that medium stone made. It is also critical to maintain the recommended angle when switching the stone grits.

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