Is knife sharpening worth the time and money?

knife sharpening stone by sharp pebble

Knives are some of the most frequently used kitchen items. They are used for various things such as slicing, chopping, spreading, and cutting multiple items that are eaten directly or used during meal preparation. Because of the wide variety of items that are prepared using knives, they come in a variety of designs.

Besides, since they are frequently used, it makes sense to sharpen them regularly to ensure that they work well, hence creating a knife sharpener. In case you have never put too much thought into knife sharpening, here is why sharpening a knife is a worthy investment.

The agility and predictability you need in the kitchen

Sharp knives are more agile and cut through food items more comfortably and faster. There is less risk of the knife slipping, which may result in injury. Sharp knives also provide more control while cutting, resulting in well-shaped and more precisely cut food. On the other hand, Dull knives are harder to control, produce unpleasant final results, and pose the risk of getting injured due to a slip. They also involve using so much energy to complete the task.

A fast and enjoyable food preparation experience

Using a sharp knife makes the process of preparing food much more enjoyable. Given the ease of using a sharp knife, there is less fatigue and stress on the hands, especially when using it over long periods. Aside from potentially causing injuries, dull knives result in inefficiency and wastage of time. 

Knife sharpening tools are a lifetime investment 

Caring for and maintaining knives is essential as they play a key role in the kitchen and are frequently used.  Numerous methods are employed in sharpening knives depending on the type of knife and its use. There are electric sharpeners, stone sharpeners, and handheld sharpeners, among many others. Owning a sharpener is convenient as it can be done whenever the need arises.

When you sharpen the knives yourself, they can last longer

Sharpening your knives by yourself is one sure way of ensuring that your blades serve you for a long period. Given the level of care that goes into taking care of one's property, durability is guaranteed. One is sure to take the necessary precautions to protect the knife as they sharpen it.

Sharpening knives is easy to learn

Sharpening a knife is not rocket science and is one of the easiest skills to learn out there. While one may experience some challenges during the first few trials, after some practice it gets easier to get its hang. It also saves plenty of money and time that would have been spent taking the knife to someone else for sharpening. However, it is essential to exercise caution as there is a risk of getting hurt.

Some tools complement knife sharpeners, such as honing devices used to straighten the blade’s edges before sharpening. Honing involves using steel roads with a coarse surface to straighten the edge of the blade by scaping it at a proper angle. On the other hand, sharpening shaves away metal bits on the blade’s edges, making it sharper.

Acquiring a sharpener like a sharpening stone is based on numerous factors such as the type of blade to be sharpened and its intended use, the cost of the sharpener, its ease of use, how safe it is to use, and time and energy efficiency. Electric sharpeners provide a more effortless experience as compared to using a whetstone which is more energy-consuming.

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