How To Make Your Axe Last For Decades

If you like to explore the outdoors, then a sharp & sturdy axe will prove to be one of your most important tools. From clearing the way while passing through a dense forest to making quick work of large hunks of wood, there are plenty of ways that an axe serves you. However, just like any other tool, your axe will require you to take care of it; otherwise, it won’t last beyond a few months.

We’ll share with you today an easy routine to maintain your axe and if you follow it properly, not only the axe will serve you well but you will able to save it for your next generation.

The anatomy of an axe: There are 3 key components of a typical axe. Here they are:


  • Helve: This is the wooden handle that you often see with a typical axe. Although sturdy, it still is susceptible to elements such as moisture because your axe will spend most of its life outdoors. A new axe usually has a protective linseed oil coating, which quickly wears off after a few uses.

  • The head: This is the business end of your axe. This is the metal bit that does all the chopping & cutting. If you have invested in a quality axe, it will come with a head forged out of high-quality steel. The steel head is composed in a manner that offers the best of strength and functionality. It should be able to stand to the brute force of the impact while maintaining a sharp edge to slice through without much effort.

  • The mask: This is not precisely a direct part of the actual axe but plays an important role in keeping it functional. The mask, also known as the sheath is the leather mask that covers the head after you’re done using the axe.

The axe maintenance routine:

The head: The key is to understand that the axe head can get rusty quite quickly because of the moisture so your goal here is to make sure that it doesn’t happen. After trying several options, we have determined that gun oil is ideal to protect the axe head from rusting. Other oils usually get messy and can easily move onto other objects. Gun oil dries once applied thus leaving no residue. All you need to do is apply a thin layer of oil and let it sit to dry. Once dry, just put the head into its mask.     

Helve: Apply a thin layer of boiled linseed oil with a rag to it & let it rest for a few minutes to dry. Don’t use raw oil as it won’t dry. Secondly, make sure not to store indoors the rag you used for oil application because linseed oil is quite inflammable. Burn off the rag after you’re done.

The mask: Just apply an even layer of leather maintenance wax on the outside and then on the inside. Leave it to dry.

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  • Thank you, very practical .

    Greg Tomaro
  • I have found that a ESTWING camp axe with a metal head and a Fiberglass type handle last for LONG time. LUCAS EXTREME gun-oil is the best I have found. The camp ax is just for small camp type action. It not for woodsman every day HARD chopping. GOOD DAY

    Will Ford

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