Choosing The Right Camping Gear – Axe Vs Hatchet

I enjoy the intimacy of nature. And I look forward to my hiking and camping trips. If you happen to be an avid outdoorsman yourself then I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of the correct outdoor. It could be the difference between an unforgettable trip and an absolute nightmare.

Today, I’ll talk about a couple of important outdoor tools (axes and hatchets), when it makes sense to carry them and what to look for when buying one yourself.

Know the difference: You’d be surprised to know that most people don’t understand the difference between an axe and a hatchet. Well, to be fair, I don’t blame them much because they do look somewhat alike. But looks are often half the story; it’s important to understand that these two tools are quite different from each other with their respective pros and cons and are meant to be used in very specific situations.

  • When an axe makes more sense: An axe is based on 2 core parts; a head, and a handle. Each part impacts the way an axe An axe relies on kinetic energy as its core driving force and is best used by employing both hands. If you’re looking to chop down a tree, efficiently peel the bark off, chop a large hunk of wood, clear obstacles or make a shelter then using an axe will serve you a lot better than any other tool will.

Now, you can use an axe with a single hand but it’s not optimal because it will compromise the tool’s balance and will be physically quite taxing. You can easily find axes in varying sizes that are hiking-friendly.  

  • Here’s when to use a hatchet: You’d be incorrect to assume that hatchet is just a small axe. No, it’s not and is meant for a different purpose. To start off, the short handle reduces the driving force at the edge. However, the smaller size means that you can use hatchet much more effectively in tight spots and you can easily swing it with a single hand.   

If you need to pull down a small tree or chop softwood then using a hatchet makes more sense. A hatchet will also serve you well if you want to prepare large game animals as a sharp hatchet will make short work of any bone. 

What to look for when buying an axe or a hatchet: The most important part is, of course, the chopping steel. You want a chopping-steel that can offer you the best of strength and sharpness. It should be able to take a keen edge while being strong enough to take the extreme brunt of a typical axe/hatchet job e.g. chopping wood.

Moreover, make sure the handle of the axe or hatchet is slightly curved and has decent cushioning. It will shield you from the shock of the impact, which can actually travel through to your arm up to your teeth.

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